So, what have we been doing, you ask? Brainstorming the best way to enhance your next house party! Yes, we’ve been hard at work, and we’ve come up with the coolest way to experience music with friends: Introducing surfrcast. Surfrcast is social music discovery with a twist. Rather than simply casting music from just one phone to a smart TV and sound system, surfrcast provides a connection pin number, that allows multiple users to collaborate on the music experience together.

How it works: Download the surfr app on a supported TV device. Current supported devices: Amazon Firestick TV, Apple TV

Launch the app and you will see a pin number to join the session. Anyone with the surfr app on their Android or iOS device can click the streaming icon in the top right corner. Click “surfrcast” and enter a user name and the pin number shown on the TV screen. Once connected, you control the music! Continue using surfr on your phone and watch as your TV screen and sound system fills with the channel colors and plays your selected songs. Anyone can take over at any time, and take turns DJ-ing!

Surfrcast will keep the party going so everyone is able to join in on choosing the music discovery experience. Unless — you vote someone off the island. But we’ll leave that to you.

Your friends at surfr.