What is Surfr Music Discovery? Put simply, Surfr is a music streaming service created to fill a gap that’s been overlooked by the current batch of streaming radio platforms. The way the most popular services are set up, the user is asked to do all of the thinking, or none of the thinking.  You have two choices: think about the songs you want to hear, find those songs, and download them to a playlist — that takes work and time. Or, you can choose to listen to a pre- populated “station” where all of the songs are already chosen for you.

Surfr is unique.  It arms the listener with a virtual jukebox of song selections across many genres that are currently playing on thousands of broadcast and internet radio stations worldwide.  Surfr is song focused, not station focused. You’re presented with a waterfall of song titles and artists. Click on any of them and listen instantly. You’ll find songs on the waterfall that you never would have remembered — old and new — with Surfr,  discovery and surprise are built right in.

Best of all, with Surfr, enjoy unlimited skipping (even the commercials!) and unlimited listening… click around without hesitation, experience and discover your favorite songs from our ever growing selection of channels.

Surfr is dedicated to giving our users a hassle free and fun new way to experience music. We will not ask you to sign up, sign in, or require an account, so there’s no privacy concerns whatsoever– it’s ready to play upon launch. We invite you to download Surfr now and start enjoying the music!